Resume in English:


born in Mulhouse (France)

European Electronic DA Consultant



May '83:

German-French Leaving Certificate at the German-French School in D-Freiburg.
Main topics: Mathematics, Physics, German, French.

June '83:

"Großes Latinum": German certificate for 5 years of Latin studies


Sept.'83 - June '85:

Preparation to engineer studies in F-Strasbourg. (Classes Préparatoires: Mathématiques Supérieures + Spéciales)

Oct.'85 - June '88:

Engineer University for Electronics (École Nationale Supérieure d'Électronique et de Radio-électricité de Grenoble: Institut National Polytechnique - INPG))

June '88:

Graduate Engineer in Electronics and Radioelectricity. Special field: micro-electronic.



mother tongue.


bilingual.(lived 20 years in Germany)


excellent (spent a total of 2 years in UK, US, Ireland).


good knowledge ('79-'82, '85-'88: 2 hours/week; Sept.'95: language-holiday, Malaga).


basic knowledge of exotic languages (usually 1 year of study): Russian ('81-'82), Japanese ('97/'98), Chinese ('98, 4 months), Arab ('00/'01), Turkish ('02/'03), Hindi ('04, 4 months)


since '81:

"reasonable computer-freak"; developed many programmes, databases (4D, Access) and games (Targui).


pocket calculator (HP41), Apple, Mac., PC, Unix-Workstations (Vax, Apollo, HP, Sun, ...).


4D, Aegis, Ample, Assembler, Basic, C, Fortran, HP, HTML, Hypertalk, Pascal, Perl, Python, Scheme, Skill, Tcl, Unix.



July '86:

Electronic company "Thomson", F-Grenoble.
Improved a programme for the supervision of production machines.
Improved electronic designs.

July '87-Aug.'87:

Hydraulic company Sogréah, Grenoble.
Study of the influence of environmental disturbances on electronic measures.

March '88-June '88:

Last training period in the "Institut of Spoken Communication", Grenoble.
C-programme for automatic labelling of the voice signal.

Military service:


Reserve Officer in the French Navy. Responsible for computers of a unit.
Development of programmes; management of databases; purchase of hardware; training of the staff.


Sept. '89-Feb. '90:

CAD-Support (programming). Siemens (A4), D-Munich. "CADEV-Team".
Development of a programme to manage the database of the IC models.

Mar. '90-Mar. '97:

EDA-Support for Simulation. Siemens (ATD SV), Munich. R&D for the departments "Street and Traffic Techniques" and "Building Security Techniques":
- Introduced digital simulation for PCBs (QuickSim, Mentor) and analyses of costs;
- Developed a library for simulation models (based on schematics, Hardware-Models, VHDL-Descriptions);
- Trained and supported users for design entry, simulation and use of ASICs;
- Tested new tools and new features, kept up-to-date with developments of market (QuickPath, Quad (EMV), ModelSim);
- Collaborated in the Siemens-Mentor-User-Group;
- Developed many programmes;
- Developed a guideline and procedures for the hierarchical structure of schematics.
Involved in the internal "top" movement (company culture change).


fire detection. Supported the designer for simulation and PLD. Modelled the ICs: Z85C30, Max693, RTC62421, ...


Managed the changes to a new EDA-version.


traffic light controller. Supported the designers for design-entry, simulation and PLDs. Models: Max791, 81c80, 68349, RAMs, ROMs, ...


road traffic controller. FPGA-design (Synopsys, Xilinx). Took over a project of a colleague leaving the department.


traffic controller, in cooperation with the british sub-company (UK-Poole).

Apr. '97-Aug. '98:

Installation of traffic controllers. Siemens (ATD SV), Munich.
Installed hardware and software for the cities of Bremerhaven, Emden, Norderstedt, Amsterdam, Liège.

Sept. '98-July '05:

Consultant for EDA. Siemens (I&S IS), Munich.
Successfully conducted about 30 projects in IC development (Electronic Design Automation) for different customers
Wrote scripts in: Skill (Cadence), Scheme (Avant!), Perl, Tcl, Magma-Tcl, Cadence-Tcl, Python.
Found contracts thanks to contacts with potential customers.
Developed team of French-speaking consultants and entered French market.
Gave 2-days trainings (scheme programming language) for Apollo-Layouter with full satisfaction in Design Centers in Germany, France, Singapore and California.
Led software development to reduce errors due to wrong IC design constraints; presented this flexible software at SNUG'02 in Paris.
Organised and gave 15 internal trainings (10 participants each).
Led 4 technical projects (12 man-months).


Infineon, (D) München, (D) Düsseldorf, (F) Sophia-Antipolis
Micronas, (D) München, (D) Freiburg
Philips, (D) Hamburg
Siemens, (D) München


full-custom layout, semi-custom layout (place & route, layout verification, parasitic extraction, timing verification, formal verification), Static Timing Analyses (STA), tool migration, library tests, synthesis support, VHDL-design, logical synthesis, simulation, interface full-custom / semi-custom, interface synthesis / layout, runsets for layout verification, preparation of IC-block data, design check, software test, physical synthesis, GUI programming, litho-simulation (OPC), Verilog-design.

Tools used:

Affirma-NC-Sim, Assura, Composer, First-Encounter, PKS, Vampire, Virtuoso, (Cadence); Apollo, Astro, Hercules, Planet, Star (formerly Avant!); ACS, Cossap, Design Compiler, Physical Compiler, Primetime-SI, SDC parser (Synopsys); Blastfusion (Magma); Calibre, Modelsim, QuickSim (Mentor); CVE, Infilteon (Infineon); SpyGlass (Atrenta); Tanner-LE.

Aug.'05 - June '07:

Senior DA Engineer, DA Manager. Intel, Shannon (Ireland).
Design Automation for Communication and Embedded ICs.
I worked on a 90nm Com IC: enabled faster runtime for Physical Verification; wrote scripts to fix DRC errors; ensured quality of full-chip LVS.
I led the DA team (2 persons) for 9 months during the department reorganisation, kept cost within budget, gave and organised trainings, helped pass an internal IP security audit. We setup the flow for a 130nm, 1.3GHz chipset IC and supported the Silicon group until successful Tape-Out. I Gave science classes in Irish National Schools for Junior Achievement.

Since June '07:

Advanced Consultant. Eurospace, Munich (Germany).
Successfully conducted about 10 projects in IC development (Electronic Design Automation) for different departments of Infineon.
Won myself all contracts thanks to experience and contacts.
Organised internal trainings at customer site.
Coached junior colleagues.


Automotive, EDA Flow Support, Industrial, Wireless Communication.


Burn-In Verification, Digital Design, Digital Verification, Full-Custom Layout, Parasitic Extraction Support, Tool Integration.

Tools used:

Affirma-NC-Sim, Assura, Composer, Virtuoso (Cadence); StarRC-XT (Synopsys); Blastfusion, Quartz, QuickCap (Magma); Calibre, Modelsim (Mentor); SpyGlass (Atrenta).


65nm Low-Power, 65nm High-Performance, 90nm Flash, Smart Power; Bipolar, CMOS.


Dancing Club of the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG):


Founder. Leader. Created infrastructure and ensured continuation.
Dance lessons. Dance parties. Performed on stage. Financial independance.
10 dance teachers, 100 dance pupils, all students.

Association of the INPG residence students:




50 organisers. 600 students. Video programme, library, games+sport.
Successfully participated in "logical" competitions organised by a magazine.

French Championship for Mathematical and Logical Games:



'88, '89, '91:


German-French activities group:


Founder. For young bilingual people. Over 100 participants. Light organisation.

Association of the German-French school alumni:

since '86:

Co-founder, treasurer:
- Designation of 50 class-speakers to collect data;
- Central management of data by computer; present on internet;
- Publication of a directory ('93, '95, '97, '99, '02, '04; 250-350 copies; lists of former pupils by degree year, name, area-code and profession);

Board games author:

since '05:

Invented 4 board games.


"Lex Florae" board game is 19th out of 142 at the 27th annual game design contest in France.


'75 - '83:

soccer (in village and school team).

'90 - '95:

rock'n'roll (4 years in a club).